When processing plastic, shredded scrap must be processed through a granulator to achieve a superior quality end product.

Replacing your blades is paramount to maintaining performance in producing uniformed, free of dust and fines material which can flow more easily improving mixes with virgin material. However replacing your granulator blades is one of the most important and yet neglected aspects of servicing in many granulating plants.

Dull and damaged blades can reduce the quality of your granulation process, and the uniformity of your final screened material. Here at Saturn Machine Knives we manufacture from our premises in Sheffield replacement Rotatech granulator blades made to the OEM specification. These Rotatech high performance blades are specially developed for the environment they will be working in. With optimised strength and hardness, Rotatech blades are vacuum heat treated to provide a higher wear resistance resulting in and longer life span and improved profitability. 

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