The recycling of tyres is a huge global problem, the granulation and recycling of tyres is a unique process due to the complexity of the manufacturing process when producing tyres. The recycling of tyres creates a number of materials which can be reused and recycled, from crumb rubber to steel and textile materials. For this stringent process the use of a high performance blade is key to separate these various components into new material to be reused or recycled.

Saturn Machine Knives manufacture high performance granulator blades and knives for the tyre recycling industry. Our expert sales team understands the complexities of this rigorous recycling process and the blades required. When you contact us or submit a quotation we can provide all the information you may need on our blades, from the technical specification of how your blades will be manufactured through to delivery. We also offer a “Knifetime Guarantee” across all of our blades so you can expect 100% reliability and performance when using a Saturn Machine Knives blade.