We manufacture and supply hook shredder blades to the largest UK recyclers. The action of shredding involves the shearing, tearing or fracturing of materials. For this process to take place, the cutting-edge of each hook shredder blade work against each other to process the material.

To ensure maximum performance, a highly engineered, sharp cutting edge is required to process material efficiently and effectively.

  • Saturn Machine Knives produce the highest performance hook shedder blades you’ll find on the market.
  • Our hook shredder blades stay sharp, ensuring a clean cut at the start and end of any material processing operation.  
  • When you choose Saturn Machine you’re guaranteeing the consistency of your blades when you repeat purchase.

When you choose Saturn Machine Knives to supply your hook shredders you are guaranteeing the consistency of the manufactured blade. Engineered in Sheffield, all of our knives, blades and wear parts are manufactured in the UK. This means we can guarantee the consistency and quality of repeat orders so your recycling operations can continue to processes at the maximum efficiency.

Call our team today on +44 (0)114 278 90 90 or email us at sales@saturnmachineknives.co.uk for a comprehensive guide and advice around our range of industrial machine knives. When you choose Saturn Machine Knives as your blade supplier you’re joining a large network of customers who trust the performance and quality of our Rotatech products.